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150 CFS with 1.75 mm slots
ISI T82-110 Tee Screen
Year Installed:

Client: Douglas County PUD

Location: Wells Dam, Columbia River, Chelan, WA

Background: The FERC permit required that a large state fish hatchery intake be upgraded to current fish screen criteria. The existing intake's shoreline mounted traveling screen did not have the required surface area or mesh size and also had an undesirable fish bypass. The new fish screen needed to be mounted on the intake pipeline entrance about 300 feet off shore and designed for a 150 cfs capacity. All controls needed to be powered and operated on shore in an existing control building with limited power.

Solution: ISI designed a large screen unit and intake adapter supported on piles with an adapter that mated to the existing 6-foot dia. concrete pipe. The screen unit was designed as a non-retrievable unit; however, its components can be removed or accessed easily by divers if necessary. The hydraulic lines and screen monitoring cables run inside the existing intake pipe and all the controls and power unit are housed in the existing building as required. The operating system and HPU operates on a 20-amp circuit.