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6 CFS with 1.75 mm slots
ISI C66-18 Cone Screen
Year Installed:

Client: Sonoma Golf Club

Location: Intake Lagoon, Sonoma CA

Background: The golf course draws its water supply from an intake located in the center of a large pond fed by a local creek (1700 gpm). The pond's depth has decreased from 8 feet to 4 feet deep and weeds choked the intake and caused the filtration system to be plugged. Two floating intake screens even collapsed and a new design was required that did not require dredging the pond.

Solution: ISI installed a pile supported steel base with a connection to the existing intake pipeline that raised the intake to about three feet below the low water surface. A shallow cone screen was mounted over this base, allowing water to be drawn below the low water but above the sediment. The brushes effectively clean the screens and allow the pumps filters to work very efficiently. The cone screen option has significantly reduced pond and pump station maintenance while increasing water supply reliability.