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5 cfs with 1.75 mm slots
2 - ISI D36-28 Cylinder Screens
Year Installed: 2012

Client: Port Commission of San Francisco / Power Engineering

Location: San Francisco Bay, Pier 15, CA

Background: The new San Francisco Exploratorium will use a state-of-the-art seawater cooling water intake system to heat and cool its 250,000 SF waterfront facility. The intake system was designed to meet or exceed EPA 316(b) compliance mandates for fish protection and also to prefilter the seawater used in the heat exchanger system. The submerged intakes are located under a pier system and connect to two new pump wet wells.

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Solution: Two, ISI retrievable brush-cleaned cylindrical screen systems were selected as the project's preferred alternative. The brush system was determined to be the most reliable and effective cleaning system in the heavy biofouling and corrosive environment. The screens can be easily retrieved for inspection into the pump room as necessary. The screen and track construction is stainless steel 316L and the units were passivated, seal welded, and insulated from other components for additional corrosion protection.