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500 cfs with 1.75 mm slots
10 - ISI C168-48 Cone Screens
Year Installed:

Client: Tehama-Colusa Canal Authority

Location: Red Bluff Diversion Dam, Sacramento River, Red Bluff, CA

Background: The TCCA needed a 500 cfs emergency pumping plant to supply water to its irrigators because a major diversion dam operation's use was restricted due to endangered species issues. The new diversion needed to pump from shallow water in a limited area. The divesion also needed to be designed, fabricated, and installed in less than 4 months.

Solution: ISI cooperatevely worked with the client's engineering firm, the pump manufacturer, and the fisheries agencies to develop a design-build solution. The final project used a piled structure to support 10 shallow intake plenums, the pump columns, and the cone screens. Each screen can divert 50 cfs with only 3 feet of water depth in the river. The structure was installed next to an existing sheetpile wall and did not interupt existing operations. ISI completed the design, fabrication, and installation in less than 3 months.