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100 CFS with 1.75 mm slots
2 - ISI T72-80 Tee Screens
Year Installed:

Client: Reclamation District 999

Location: Sacramento River, Clarksburg, CA

Background: The RD999 operates a 42-inch siphon intake with a 100 cfs capacity in the environmentally sensitive California Bay-Delta. The existing unscreened intake was know to entrain a number of fish species and needed to be screened for the most sensitive fish species, including the tiny delta smelt. The intake is located on a flood control levee and the new facility could not disturb the existing levee area.

Solution: ISI designed a retrievable screen system with two large screen units that sealed over two new pipe openings. The design meets the conservative fish protection criteria for delta smelt (slot velocity less than 0.4 fps and slot width = 1.75 mm). The screen operates in a busy navigable waterway and did not require any levee modification. The screen can be retrieved during the non-irrigation season when flows can exceed 100KFS. The screen was installed in the wet with only an 8 hour irrigation outage.