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6 CFS with 1.75 mm slots
ISI C66-18 Cone Screen
Year Installed:

Client: Oregon Department of Transportation

Location: Mill Creek, Salem, OR

Background: A freeway improvement project required the relocation of a community water supply to the river. The new 1500 gpm shore mounted pump station needed to draw water from the river that has a large water level fluctuation (2 - 15 feet). The screen needed to be self-cleaning, durable, and operate even when water depths were less than 2 feet deep.

Solution: ISI provided a cone screen attached to a steel base connected to the submerged pipe entrance. The diversion was located in a small alcove along the rip rapped lined river section. The intake has withstood large flow events due to its strong and durable wedgewire and frame system. The screen also provides fish protection and meets all fish screen criteria.