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1450 cfs with 1.75 mm slots
12 - ISI T78-100 Tee Screens
Year Installed: 2011

Client: Lower Yellowstone Irrigation District / COE / USBR / Ames Construction

Location: Yellowstone River, Glendive, MT

Background: A large diversion facility just upstream of Intake Dam diverts a significant proportion of the Yellowstone River flows. Unscreened diversion facility operations can result in fish losses, including losses of endangered Palid sturgeon; therefore, a new screened intake facility is under construction. The screened intake facility is part of a significant Yellowstone River fisheries restoration effort currently being implemented.

Solution: ISI's retrievable brush-cleaned cylindrical screen system was selected as the project's preferred alternative. This "on-river" screen design offered many advantages over other design concepts and resulted in overall cost savings.
The advantages of ISI's system included:
1) The on-river design keeps fish in the river rather than subject them to a fish bypass system;
2) The cylindrical screen design provided the necessary screen surface area with a reduced facility footprint compared to other concepts;
3) The retrievable design allows the screens to be safely raised above the dam during the non-irrigation season when ice flows and damage potential are significant;
4) The cylindrical screens will draw water from the middle of the water column where Palid sturgeon are less likely to be present;
5) The submerged screen design allows diversions to occur over large river stage fluctuations;
6) The retrievable screen design allows inspection and maintenance of individual screen units without shutting down the diversion facility operations.