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100 cfs with 1.75 mm slots
4 - ISI T42-54 Tee Screen
Year Installed: 2013

Client: Bella Vista Water District / FWA

Location: Sacramento River, Redding, CA

Background: The existing municipal pumping plant draws water year round from the Sacramento River below Keswick Dam. The existing facility used four large traveling screens for debris removal; however, these screens were inadequately sized (area too small and opening too large) to protect the endangered fish from entrainment and impingement impacts. The area adjacent to the intake is a critical spawning and rearing habitat area for several endangered species. A new screened intake facility is under construction.

Solution: ISI's retrievable brush-cleaned cylindrical screen system was selected as the project's preferred alternative. This "on-river" design was adapted to the existing structure to increase the screened surface area and to reduce the slot sizes to protect even the smallest fish in the area.