Brushed Cone for Shallow Intakes


  • Designs for shallow water, tidal esturaries, and silty conditions
  • Protects fish from entrainment or impingement
  • Protects pump from clogging debris
  • Protects downstream filtration and irrigation equipment

Key Features

  • Screen can be used even if not fully submerged
  • Positive brushing action prevents debris buildup, sedimentation, and bio-fouling
  • Cone shaped design is very strong and hydraulically efficient
  • Easy to install and remove onto various base designs
  • Internal flow baffle distributes flow evenly across the screen surface
  • Marine-duty hydraulic drive motor rotates cleaning brushes
  • Control panel allows user defined cleaning cycles

Options & Customization

  • Minimal power requirements
  • Solar power options available
  • Interfaces with customer’s SCADA controls for remote monitoring and control
  • Control panels to match customers equipment
  • Wedgewire slot width options from 1 mm to 9 mm
  • Screen design and construction for extreme design loads
  • Screen base diameters up to 15 feet to meet application needs

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